Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lots of Free Time - not always a good thing

Is kinda freaking me out. After a year of being overwhelmingly overwhelmed, this sudden lack of a schedule has thrown me to for a loop. Sunday was graduation which was thoroughly pleasant and surprisingly quick. (2 hours!!) My awesome mom came down for the ceremony and took us out for dinner at our favorite Irish restaurant. And gave me the sweetest card that made me cry. My mom rocks.
This week I have supposed to have been cleaning the house in preparation for our vacation. And I finally have most of it done, and it has taken me MUCH longer than it really should. You see my procrastinating tendencies get exponentially worst when I have have lots of time, because I can always "do it tomorrow" So instead I have spent 20% of the day being productive, and 80% playing video games, admiring the garden, playing with the animals, doing quiet reflection, counting the ceiling tiles, and obsessively reading Cute Overload, AllEarsNet (disney website), Trip Advisor, and Television Without Pity. I have caught up on this month's Daily Show & Colbert Report episodes, baked a cake, and sleep deliciously late.
It took me three days to clean the bathroom. The first day I brought all the cleaning supplies into the room. The second day I vacuumed the floor. The third day I did the actual cleaning.
So I have been feeling guilty for being a slacker for three days, but I guess I am allowed a few days of goofing off after my intense year, right? And today I kicked some cleaning-butt, although I still have to pick up my study room which looks like a tornado hit it. So, of course instead of cleaning, I am writing in my blog:)
Tomorrow off to Rainbow Tour 2008! Yahoo!!!

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Joan said...

Hi Julie,

I hope you have a great time on your well deserved vacation!

Forget the cleaning, it will be there when you get around to doing it.

Love Mom